J. Wooldridge  --  Self portrait (with a nod to Sigmar Polke)

James W Wooldridge J

Excerpt from review in ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH for group exhibition Consumed at ART SAINT LOUIS:

"...But it is James Wooldridge, however, who most pointedly and assuredly takes consumption the theme and turns it into a self-reflexive exercise. He manipulates art history, art movements and artistic styles in an effort to question our assumptions on what does or doesn't define an original creation. Magritte becomes Mondrian, and Mondrian becomes Warhol; that oh-so-familiar surreal pipe and that famous Campbell's soup can jump out at us--but the messages have been muddied by Wooldridge's mix-and-match chicanery.
"There's a business adage that says if a product needs a boost, just design a new package. Wooldridge decided not to wait, instead taking matters into his own hands and offering up his redesign. And hey, I can buy that."  -- Jeff Daniel, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


James W Wooldridge J is a visual artist known for blending aesthetic philosophies. His multi-media approach uses painting, sculpture, and assemblage, often blurring distinctions between genres.

Wooldridge earned a BFA from the University of Missouri--St. Louis and an MFA from Lindenwood University. A native Missourian, he divides his time between Sainte Genevieve, Saint Louis, and Chicago.